A safe financial partner

We have been financing vessels for Swedish shipping companies, or foreign shipping companies with a significant Swedish interest or influence, for almost 100 years. Our expertise and 100-year commitment to the industry make us a safe financial partner with a great understanding of the shipping industry.

Since the very beginning, our most important goal has been to strengthen the international competitiveness of shipping companies for the benefit of Sweden’s economic development. Thus our resources are available to ship owners seeking to achieve the renewal of the Swedish merchant fleet and also to owners of other vessels that serve our ports and the Swedish national interest.

We lend up to 70% of the value we place on the ship. A special ordinance also allows us to provide loans of up to 90% of a vessel’s value to smaller shipping companies. The maximum loan period is 15 years, to be repaid when the vessel is 20 years old at the latest. We use a marine mortgage secured against the vessel as collateral for lending. Our refinancing is usually carried out in the banking system, although the law allows us to borrow directly from the market in our own name. Furthermore, the Svenska Skeppshypotek’s borrower provides a mutual commitment of 5% of own borrowing, currently around SEK 475 million, following which the State provides a guarantee of SEK 350 million.

Do you operate in the shipping industry and need help with financing?