The Board

Svenska Skeppshypotek’s Board of Directors

The Government appoints Svenska Skeppshypotek’s Board of Directors and auditors on an annual basis, and discharges the Board from liability. The Board consists of seven members and three deputies.

All credit decisions are made by Svenska Skeppshypotek’s Board of Directors. The Board is required to meet at least five times per year. Extraordinary meetings are held on the initiative of the Chairman, individual members or in connection with credit matters.

Board members


Michael Zell | Chairman of the Board

Appointed 2012

Previous positions:

Rederi AB Nordstjernan 1975–78, Svenska Handelsbanken 1978–2012 inter alia as deputy CEO, subsidiary manager, most recently Head of Operations in China.

Lars Höglund | Vice Chairman of the Board

Appointed 2002

Current positions:

Chairman and CEO of Furetank Rederi AB. CEO and Board member of Furetank Chartering Sweden AB. CEO and Board member of Sp/f Nolsö Shipping. VD och styrelseledamot i Furetank Chartering Sweden AB. VD och styrelseledamot i Sp/f Nolsö Shipping.

Ragnar Johansson

Appointed 2020

Current position:

CEO, Wallenius Sol AB.

Elizabeth Kihlbom

Appointed 2011

Previous positions:

Founder and partner in Omeo Financial Consulting AB, Director KPMG Financial Services Consulting, Global Risk Manager etc. at Volvo Treasury, Chief Dealer, Celsius Industrier AB, various positions in SEB.

Anders Thyberg

Appointed 2018

Current position:

Senior Vice President – Shipping & Logistics Wallenius Lines AB.

Kenny Reinhold

Appointed 2016

Current position:

Chairman of Seko sjöfolk.

Anna Frölander Öberg

Appointed 2013

Current position:

Managing Partner, Advokatfirman Oebergs.


Lars Erik
Lars Erik Fredriksson

Appointed 2022

Current position:

Company administrator in the Ministry of Finance department for companies with state ownership.

Anna Clemert Eriksson

Appointed 2023

Current position:

Head of Fixed Income, AB Stena Finans / Stena Asset Management AB.

Sanna Kallenberg

Appointed 2022

Current position:

Union representative trainee, Seko Sjöfolk union.

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